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Ok, I got my iPod touch (16GB) on Christmas day and today something awful happened !
I took my dog down to a small river near my house, Chucked the ball e.c.t ... The i bent down to pick the ball up and heard a 'Plunk' and to my shear horror my ipod had fallen in to the river ... the FAST river. I was very unhappy. But i am considering getting a new iphone instead.

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That's terrible! I'm sorry to hear that - sometimes these things happen. An archaeologist will probably dig it up from a river bed one day...

It might be a good idea to invest in a belt clip or case for your replacement as it is extremely easy for iPods to slip out of pockets or drop them.
I agree with the MacMan. My iPhone is a slippery rascal and it is a small miracle it hasn't slipped into a river or toilet somewhere. I hope to get a new case on the expo floor next week.
Yes just remembered, I took it out of it's case this morning :l , don't know why .. ? Well ... also got a new coat with zip pockets (Its gorgeous : D .. Sorry.) since the coat i was wearing has killed 2 almost brand new expensive (Both almost the same price £250) goods. The other item was my Sony Ericsson T650i, it fell out of my coat pocket on the beach when i jumped back to avoid a wave.
OMG! How horrible! I had a similar event happen to my month-old Razor cell. First one fell out of the pocket while scrubbing the bath tub, and the second I missed clearing out my uniform pockets before a river rescue. Man, was I bent when I was chest deep in the river, and realized I had missed my Razor. ARG! But, I would have been much more upset if it were an iPod, any iPod. UGH! Go for the iPhone! I just received one for Christmas, and I LOVE it! Good Luck!
Just keep it in a waterproof container and on a 3 foot leash (so it doesn't hit the ground when it falls out).
Good idea about the leash thing ! Perhaps when i get my new ipod touch on Monday or Tuesday i shall put it in a titanium, water proof box and strap it to me : ). I had to get a ipod touch as my phone is a crap music player and i would rather my mum not know ... (She is Irish and will probably murder me)
I'm sure Irish folks are not inherently murderous. ;)

if it makes you feel any better, I was dumb enough to accidentally dump my PowerBook G4 AC adapter into the washing machine (don't ask)... and what did I do with the replacement I ordered via eBay? I opened the package with scissors and immediately severed the power cord in two by doing so.

I managed to rescue the drowned AC adapter by some combination of luck and letting it bake out in the sun... I don't suppose you dive as a hobby? ;)
How did you get it in the washing machine ?! No i dont go diving as a hobby .. Just took my Fricking dog for a walk ... Its my own fault for not having the ipod on a leash
Very sorry to hear about your drowned iPod Touch. I've heard similar stories about people dropping some electrical device in water (phones in toilets, for example) but never one in a river. I'm sure the current washed it down-river quickly. When I have done something that caused an expensive item to break, it's been terribly frustrating, but I just count to 10 (or 100, depending on how expensive it was) and tell myself that accidents happen, and it's just a replaceable object.

Not having dropped something in liquid, I can't speak for this personally, but I have heard that electronics survive getting wet provided you let them dry thoroughly, and provided that the water didn't short something out. With a device like an iPod Touch that has a battery -- probably with a pretty strong charge -- I would suspect the water would short it out once it made contact with both the batter and the circuit board. I hope I never have to find out first hand.
My brother is a case study for the extremes devices like the iPod go through. His 3g iPod is held together with clear tape because I can safely say he's dropped it numerous times. I've pulled it out of the washing machine (along with his Gameboys) on numerous occasions. Did I mention he's in the Navy now? Anyway, the point is that despite all this he still uses his 3g iPod.




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