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James interviews Scott Converse and Cleo Huggins who created e·World. eBay finds include a very nice Lisa 2 and some new t-shirts using a classic old Apple design. Finally, James and John talk about plans for Macworld Expo.

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You posted the news here BEFORE it's available through iTunes? Cruel.
It will be up soon. I promise!
It's now up but the name is munged.

Episode 53: Hello e·World!

I guess I should listen to it... But what would I do on the way to work on Monday?
Yes, I noticed that. It seems everywhere the "·" symbol worked but there for some reason. I'll have to fix that.
Great episode - I loved the eWorld interview!

"There's something in the air"... that's going to have me wondering now! The two thoughts that come to mind are:

1. The iPhone is going to have some kind of point-to-point communication thing going on; short range, free, mobile telephony as such. Unlikely though as this idea is still very much in it's infancy and wouldn't be financially beneficial for mobile service providers.

2. Apple have launched (or at least rented) a satellite or two that's going to provide some kind of mega-media service independent of the internet and available absolutely everywhere. Well, in America at least.

The possibilities are endless, no doubt all will be revealed next week.

Have fun at MacWorld guys!
Did anyone else snort what they were drinking when James censored Scott with the Mac II startup chime? ;)

>>I guess I should listen to it... But what would I do on the way to work on Monday?

... why, listen to it over again, of course!
I gave in and listened. Good stuff as always.

The link to Scott Converse's eworld page is broken on the feed.

I'll just have to sleep on my way to work...
I noticed the bad link for his site. It is supposed to be:

Scott's eWorld Page

but everytime I enter it, Libsyn's publisher inserts a "/" before the apostrophe and it breaks the link. My html is a little rusty so I'm not sure how to get around this or if I even can.
That Lisa 2 is beautiful.
Check out the photo section to see sample of the artwork used in the development of eWorld. These were kindly sent to me by Cleo Huggins.
I really like the e.World artwork. After a bit of digging about this morning I found some eWorld pamphlets amongst my box of Mac paperwork. They are entitled "The Apple Guide to the Information Highway" and give a comprehensive description of e.World's services and subscription information. Apparantly you could get 2-hour free trial using the registration number printed on the pull-out card! There are lots of pictures and screenshots in the pamphlets too, including one showing e.World running on a Performa 6200CD.

These originally came from a school and I think they did use e.World for a while back in the days of modems. Unfortunately I never got to experience it though.
Oh I just love the way you covered (whats his name ...) Swearing with the Mac II chime. Great !




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