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James interviews Scott Converse and Cleo Huggins who created e·World. eBay finds include a very nice Lisa 2 and some new t-shirts using a classic old Apple design. Finally, James and John talk about plans for Macworld Expo.

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Though I've never been on eWorld myself, I do remember that it came with one of the Mac System diskettes at some point.

I wounder if it would be possible to dig up the eWorld client and reverse engineer it, or build a more modern client and re-create eWorld the same way that qLink was recreated? qLink aka-Quantum Link was made for the commodore 64, and it was what AOL started from... So perhaps it might use the same protocols, maybe not, but it might be possible to reverse engineer it anyway.

So it seems, quite ironically, that the QLink Revival project itself is no more, at least it doesn't show up in DNS, though it still is registered...

I first heard of it here: and

and there's a Wikipedia entry here:




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