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Hi all,

I'm trying to 'revive' an iMac G3 but I don't have it's original restore CDs. I can't boot the system from a retail OS9 CD, I think this is because it needs at least OS 9.0.4.

I get a purple flashing folder which alternates between a Finder icon and a question mark.

I've tried creating a disk image of a Power Macintosh 8500, keeping the System Folder's 'blessing' intact, transferring it via the network to a firewire equipped Mac and then using Carbon Copy Cloner to transfer it via Target Disk Mode to the G3.

Every time I get the Finder icon/question mark flash.

Am I right that I need 9.0.4 for this Mac? (iMac DV SE 500 MHz Graphite) How could I get this machine up and running again?

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According to Low End Mac, that model of iMac reuqires 9.0.4 or better, yes. I assume your retail OS 9 CD is for a version earlier than 9.0.4. Is your 8500 running OS 9.1?

A way you could do it is install OS 9 from the CD onto the iMac via Target Disk Mode and then update it to OS 9.1 or 9.2 using Mac OS 9: Available Updates. This should hopefully create a bootable volume on the iMac. Which machine is it that you are using for connecting to the iMac via Target Disk Mode?

OS 9 will run very well on the iMac but for best performance I would suggest finding some OS X Panther or Tiger installer disks. With 256MB or more RAM, that iMac will run Tiger fine and it will feel like a fairly modern Mac. Or you could always clone OS X onto it from another machine...
Since I don't have another PPC Mac available here, I'm stuck with a lot of failed boot disks. I've tried Mac OS 9.0 cd's, iMac recovery CD's, (all of them downloaded in ISO, mdf/mds or dmg format) but none of them wants to boot. The iMac is now running Panther quite nicely, but I find the on screen fonts too small at 1024x768.

Whenever I put in a CD and hold the C key, choose the CD as a Startup Disk or anything, I just get the flashing Finder icon/Question mark on this Mac.

Is OS9's installer very picky? Why can't my iMac boot from any OS9 CD I give it?




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