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Back in May my 2011 MacBook Pro started having video freezes that got worse and worse.  Yep the video was going out on it (which has affected a lot of early 2011 MBPs).  I took it to the Apple authorized service center and they couldn't even get it to boot.  So I went and got a brand new 2014 13" MacBook Air which is great.  (I was going to wait another year before buying but my 2011 MBP had other ideas).  I then got a hard drive enclosure and finally got around to taking the hard drive out of the 2011 MBP and putting it in the enclosure.

Anyways, before I go to eBay I thought I would see if anyone here is interested in buying my MBP for parts.  I think the battery is still in fairly decent shape as is the display itself and other components (such as the DVD writer).  It would be as is with the buyer paying for the shipping.  Let me know!

Thank you!

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This is a pretty late reply but I hope you managed to hang onto that 2011 MBP somehow. Apple fessed up and will swap in a new motherboard for free:




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