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Anyone know of a good disk benchmark tool for older Macs? Ideally the 68k / System 7 era, but something that can also run on PPC OS 9 would be great too. I want to get an idea of hard drive vs various SSD options. Particularly, I want to add an SSD to my SE/30 and PowerMac 5400, and want to see what the differences are.


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Try DiskTester, written by Lloyd Chambers (author or DiskDoubler/AutoDoubler and

FWB Hard Disk Toolkit also had some benchmark tools built in. And you get snazzy graphs!


On these systems you are far more limited by extremely slow bus speeds vs. hard drive/SSD.

An SSD in one of these systems is really a waste of money.  There are adapters that take Compact Flash cards which people use, but these are more about convenience of getting a heap of software onto something that is portable and easily taken to another machine rather than "raw" speed.




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