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An interesting story about a man, a mac, and his dream is the creation of the movie "Sky Pilot and the World of Tomorrow".

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I was surprised to learn the story behind the movie.
Kerry Conran had an idea for a film... starting on a Mac IIsi and finishing on a Quadra 840AV, it took him four years to complete the six minute teaser.

I assembled some of my old gear to try and match what Kerry used to create his six minute teaser - pretty close :)
If you're interested in the story, I did a guest-podcast about Kerry and his movie.
You can find it here

Original six minute short created in just 4 years by one guy and his trusty mac.

Very interesting! Loved the movie, saw it at the theatre when it came.

I was sad that they never made any sequels to this movie. Thanks for posting some of the background to how the film go started.

Yeah, me too. It was unfortunate the movie didn't get more attention.

I'd like to think it influenced this summer's Avenger movie which did quite well at the box office.
Lots of similarities, of course they had more thunder and 'Fury' ;-)




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