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Hi all,

I was wondering if there's any way to adjust the size of the picture on the screen of any classic Mac's 9" CRT screen. Some of them have a picture taking up just the middle part, leaving a sizable part of the screen unused. On analog displays there used to be some adjustment 'wheels'.

I have a Mac SE that I want to try it on first, any hints?

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An eBay-friend, specialized in Compacts, wrote this to me (and for you):

"The monitor of my ATARI SM 124 had similar edges, about one inch thick. No controls by software therefore.
After opening the case you'll find some revolving potentiometers, many of which for colours and contrast, but two of them are for vertical/horizontal expansion.
None is signed with what it does !
Mark their positions before touching them !
If you picked a 'wrong' one, turn it back.
In the end the SM 124 showed a FullScreen admired by everyone.
I am no TV-technician, but try this only after a longer time AFTER THE MAC WAS SHUT OFF. High voltage in condensors -DANGER!" That's what Günter wrote.

So you'll find your 'wheels' inside the Mac. I just opened my Classic II, for b/w there are only two potentiometers.
Hint: Select some drawing software, draw a square, 288x288 px's (or 4x4 inches) and make it as high as wide on the screen.
I don't think the risks of electrical hazard are too high, if the machine was carefully grounded. TV technicians never work on unplugged machines (and they sometimes do not know exactly, what they do - so if you meet one alive: Do it with respect).
I'm in North-Rhine/Westphalia - neighbouring to the Netherlands I may hear you blow up :-)




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