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Anyone heard of these games? I'm not sure the names.

Hi, I remember playing some old computer games when I was little, and I can't really remember the names. I'm thinking of getting an late 80s / early 90s Mac and wanted to get some kids games for my nieces and nephews. I'm pretty certain these were Mac games, because that's all I remember us having in School back then.

The first game I think was called Space Chompers or Space Chomp, but Google turns up with nothing. It was, from what I can remember, a game where you controlled a set of teeth/mouth with the arrow keys, and needed to "chomp" whatever it was it wanted you to find (like something blue, a certain object, or maybe even a letter, I can't really remember) on the screen by pressing the spacebar. Things were in grid-like layout—similar to a memory / identification card game. My memory's very vague, as I played this in Kindergarden (1989).

The second game I can't even remember the name. You had to mix and match aka breed bugs to get different patterns. This might have been a Windows game though, as I think I played in 2nd or 3rd grade.

Thanks for any help anyone could provide! Also, if anyone has any good kid's games they'd like to recommend for OS 7-9, that would be great too.

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>> You had to mix and match aka breed bugs to get different patterns.

Maybe you're thinking of Darwin's Dilemma?

>> any good kid's games they'd like to recommend

Make your kids think a little!  I liked (but was utterly crushed by) 3 in Three, The Fool's Errand, and System's Twilight.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately Darwin's Dilemma isn't it, This game was much simpler, just a few bugs on the black or nearly black screen. These games all seem great though, so I'll be sure to check them out. Thank you again!

From your description of the first game, you may be thinking of Word Munchers or Number Munchers. There were more in the series, but those are the two that are probably most well-known. I remember playing one of those titles in kindergarten as well (around 1992 or so). 

As far as recommendations for games for OS 7-9, I'd recommend Odell Down Under or Triazzle.

Hey, thanks! I'm pretty sure that's it too, it must be! I went to the Mac Garden after Derrick's post, and there I stumbled on those Munchers' games, and they must be what I was playing back then. Sorry I didn't get the chance to let everyone know until now. The Muncher games just fine on my old Mac! Thanks for the help and suggestions!

I'm now thinking of getting an SE or Color Classic to run some of these for a "classic" feel. I may start another thread if I can't find all my questions on them.




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