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Anyone intersted in an old AirPort Extreme base station?

I replaced the AirPort Extreme base station we had from 2004 with the new dual band N base station today. Made sense with several N computers on the network, and all the interference problems we were having. So now we have an old AirPort Extreme station with 802.11 B/G capability. Before we send it in for recycling I just thought I'd check here and see if anyone's interested in it beforehand?

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If it is still available please let me know. Email me at or call me at 530 355 1916. Thank you. I have several g3 blue and white towers ready to give away and I might include this with one of them. Don't throw it out, pass it along to others. Our mac user group is small here and giving away computers might help to expand it. Ok, let me know one way or the other.
Yes it's still available. How does $15 plus shipping sound?
sooo did i miss out ?
Not at all.
opps never got the email. Oh well. Good price on the item.




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