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Does anybody know where to find, if one exists, a NeXTStep emulator for Mac? Thanks.


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Nobody has emulated the Cube hardware in software... yet. Your best bet is OPENSTEP in VMware Fusion and the like.  (Hah, there's even a VMware company blog post on the subject!)

It is here it is called Previous

It is not final release, but you can run NexSTEP 0.8 and up to last version.

Oh wow! I had no idea. Hatari as a base… of course!  The Falcon also had an '030 and a 56001.

You have more people to interview, James and John. :)

Thanks! But, I'm having trouble using it. I've downloaded it and it opens, but I cannot get in to the "OS". Could you help?

Anyone know where to get Next system ROMs? Says it needs either Next Cube or Next-staton.

That was my problem as well.

NeXT OS images!h0IRgRLT!WiceqJA2LIhPbWJZvR6CmJstPZwOdZrun8gYo1e-Row 

Awesome, thank you!

The ROMs work, I'm stil downloading the OS.




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