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hi there I will like to know more about this monitors I was reading that they had many problems with them any one here still own them 17 or 21"? I was looking around my area and there is a few B/W and graphite ones

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actually the problem is that gives the studio display 17 of transparent, blue or gray model Orca are very good, I hope I have helped you
thanks paulo there is a guy selling the 21 b/w for 25 bucks and my neighbor selling the gray 17 for 20 slowly getting my collection lol
Buy them, the CRTs are fantastic. Only thing is the flyback transformer can die on them. I have my main working one and then another one with its brightness stuck at 100%, both 17" Blueberry.
I have a blue & white 21" that still works fine. The only problem I have with it, is its size and weight. It weighs a ton.
I can imagine the weight of it since moving my 17" is a real effort, but still wish to have a 21".
I hope the 21 still available I love to own one of this
question if any of you were looking for one what is the most you will pay for them 17 and 21
Probably $20 US for the 17" and maybe $30 US on the 21"
the only thing I'm missing is the power cord where can I get one? and what model
The cable is just a standard PC power cable, but theres also one that you can use that goes between the PSU on the PowerMac and the monitor thats the same but instead of having a wall plug on one end it has a female plug, like the monitor has. Its basically an extension cable.
Currently there is a 21" display on ebay, but they want way to much for it and the shipping would be cost prohibitive.




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