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Considering the prices of normal II's and IIe's at the moment, I'd say that this is a low-ish price, especially for a J-plus.

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This seller has a few other gems for sale... MITS Altair anyone? Or a Xerox Star "Dandylion"?

Fun fact: Back in the day of the J-Plus, Apple brand recognition in Japan was so low, they used fridge trucks to transport Apple Computers because they thought they were perishable fruit.

Holy wow... whoever gets that Altair is hella lucky, to get probably the inspiration of current computers (in the way that it has a CPU... the keyboard and display came from the Apple I).

Uh, and a robot. Built with an Apple II motherboard... what?

The Royal II clone was interesting, but found something else interesting in the related items- a II clone by Zapple. Coincidentally, me and my friend recently made a parody on a thing I'd drawn about Apple with a (what we thought was) fictional company called Zapple.

Zapple? Zapping apples?

Oh, wait. I know. Zapping Apple's copyrights out of their way.

The seller says he will be listing more items in the following days... 

Unfortunately I limit my computer buying to 1 per month and I just bought a strawberry iMac.




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