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The other night I suddenly remembered the freshly-curled-by-the-fax-machine Apple price lists that my dad would bring home from his school every now and then.  I wish I'd kept those!  I started to think, "Hmmm. If I wanted a snapshot at a certain moment in time of what Apple had for sale, how would I do that?"

MacTracker had all the data but it was far from easy to specify, say, "only products from April 1996".

So I spent a day extracting data from MacTracker (long story) and writing a bunch of Python scripts to parse the data and shove it into MySQL, and voilà:

It's ugly as sin right now, but it works!  You can punch in a date and get a (sort of) Apple price list from that moment in time.

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This is really great. I just bookmarked it.
The interface sucks less now. :-) And there's a spiffy icon if you add it to the home screen of your iOS device:




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