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Auctioning the original 1984 one and the Color Classic

Hey, hope its okay that I'm using this forum to, yes, shameless shill m' vintage treasure like this but, well, I can't think of a community who'd more deeply appreciate what I'm offering so here goes:

I'm selling my original 1984 Macintosh (this was a first edition, it's not the 145 K or whatever that second one released was because I checked the back and it really, truly only just says plain ole "Macintosh") and there's also the Color Classic which isn't nearly as exciting but, well, its still vintage.

One of the auctions will end in a day and the other has just began. Here's the url:

Finally, if you guys are wanting any part of the documentation for either technical or archival purposes, please let me now. I don't have a scanner but would be happy to snap a photo of two and post them here, for your viewing pleasure.


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That link didn't work for me -- could you check it?
The link that Justsomeguy posted is correct. It'll take you to my shop which --now that my vintage smurf and A-Team collection has sold-- has a Color Classic auction ending later tonight and then the 1984 original (think I'll snap an extra photo of the back just so everyone knows that the real deal is, you know, the real deal) auction will end on Sunday. I must confess, part of me wants to try again to boot it up, holding that "floating" disk down while the hard drive spins in hopes the groove'll click into place so it can do its stuff. My rational side knows better than to allow it, though. Something things are better left to experts. Vintage Mac surgery, for example;-)
Thanks, Just Some Guy.




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