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Hey there,

I've got an iMac G3 here and I have to confess - I still love
my old buddy. It is a bit too slow for java / flash, so
I actually use a new Intel iMac for Internet now, but hey -
it's not the same feeling. Working on the iMac G3 has something special
about it...

So I'm thinking on how to use it in the future. Since I've got the
400 Mhz DV SE version with DVD support and built a 60 GB harddisk into
it, it makes a great media center (DVDs, mp3 etc. etc.)

I'm also thinking of using it as a machine for e-mails.
Unfortunately my experience in that matter is pretty much non existed,
since I was used to webmailers back in the days. So here (finally) is
my question:

Which is the best client for e-mailing under OS 9.2.2?

What it should do:

- Support for pop mailboxes (googlemail etc.)

- Support for different folders to manage my mails

- Possibly including a useful spam filter

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My only experience with email clients in OS9 is Outlook Express or Netscape Communicator. I think they'll both support what you're looking for, except maybe a spam filter, but if your popping through gmail anyway, you shouldn't have to worry about spam on the client side. Another option would be Entourage which I think was part of Office '97 or newer. Eudora was a popular one too. Outlook Express and Netscape came with OS9 if I remember correctly so finding those shouldn't be an issue. Looks like has Office 2001 for download, which would include Entourage. Looks like they have Office 98 as well, which may run better anyway.
Thanks a lot for the suggestions AstroChicken. Tried Outlook before, but it wouldn't really want to cooperate. Entourage always appeared very complicated to me. Eudora looks very nice, unfortunately they seem to expect you to still buy a key for the mac classic version of it. However, I tried the mail function of Classila (very close to the old netscape) and it worked perfectly. So I can only recommend it :-)




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