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Big score of old Macs and Apple IIs for sale in Silicone Valley area

This isn't my sale, I just wanted to share. I hope this wasn't someone from the community that passed away (anyone know?). Seller says:

"Good Morning Folks!
I am based in Union City, California, not far from Palo Alto - birthplace of Apple. I own Last week a local Apple collector passed away. His estate had a hauler remove his entire Apple collection. The hauler brought everything to our warehouse and we bought it. We feel it is ALL Vintage value. Here are some pictures. Will post more later. Over 3000 items. I can be reached via text 5104682642. My name is Eddie. I can ship or/and you can visit my warehouse and pickup. If you decide to stop by, Please don't bring family, kids, dogs etc. We should have everything sorted in the next 5-7 days. We will then clean with iso-alcohol. And then we will write down each model number and whats in it. Please be patient. We have a huge selection of items. Please no calling, text only."

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Has anyone checked into this? I hate to think that all this vintage goodness when into the recycler. 

I haven't checked, I hope they all made it to a good home though. Unfortunately I'm all out of space.




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