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I was wondering if I hooked my TAM up to an Airport Base Station via it's 10Mbit Ethernet card, can I add my TAM to a wireless network?? 

I know this maybe a straight forward answer for most the people on here, but I'm only a 2 year Apple vet, and have never worked with wireless networks, let alone set one up before. 

What I'm really wanting to accomplish is to get my TAM hooked up to wireless internet.  I don't currently have a wireless network, but would like to add one before the end of the year.

Also I want to add an Apple TV, and possibly another Mac for my mom to use.  I'm thinking a G3, G4, or G5 iMac.  I'd also like to use my iPhone in Wi-Fi mode on it too.

Any help as to what would work best for what I want to do would be awesome!!  Thanks everyone!!


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Thanks! I think both these links have given me some ideas!!
I wouldn't use a TAM for Multimedia. Its sad you can't upgrade the processor, can you imagine a dual core TAM?

Anyway, back to reality, I would go for the G4 or G5 iMac if you want to properly steam content to the Apple TV. PS: I don't think that the airport base station would support OS9. (Presuming thats what your TAM runs) There would be some line of code to get Tiger running on it... I hope this helps and that you will be able to get everything working!
Yeah, I do have OS 9, but I have a Sonnet 400Mhz G3 Upgrade card, w/ 128MB of ram. Getting internet on it isn't really a big priority, but I thought it might be nice to use to make 1.44MB 3.5" floppies for older systems. I want to use it mostly for the sound system!!
Yeah the sound system is great in those TAMs, You can get USB 3.5" floppy drives. I used one with my PowerMac to transfer data to my PowerBook 520
I had my TAM included in my home network using Ethernet/wireless router. It was a 2Wire from AT&T, and it did fine with OS 9. I never tried to get it hooked with wireless though.
Thanks everyone for the great info!!  I've decided to put working much on the TAM on hold till I get more knowledge!  lol  I really don't want to mess much up on it!!  I think it may need the hard drive reformatted, and probably a clean install of OS 9.  I'll have to track down a copy, or maybe someplace like Mac Garden (I think that was the name of the site, I'll dig through back episodes to be certain) has it to download?  I have fallen victim to the dreaded "Tam Hum!"!  I've heard it might be as simple as a bad Pram Battery, or as complicated as having to modify the Bose Sub Woofer!!  I'm certainly not up to a mod right now.  I have it stored in a closet in my house, and will get it out to play with one day.  I'm hoping to turn my spare bedroom into a office/darkroom/photo room/Mac Museum!!!!  I'll have to find a place in there for it!!

use airtunes (on a recent mac) and an airport expres connected to audio-in of a tam

so you don't have to convert al your music to mp3 nor use itunes on the tam


the tam hum, ...the bose unit ( power supply)

option click on 'Tam subwoofer buzz fix' to download the tambuzzfix.pdf


Hi Franklin,


I just stumbled over this thread and want to share my experiences with you, as I am a long-time Mac user, now finally owning a TAM for about half a year now - and going wireless with it. :)


The problem you will encounter is that there is simply no OS9-compatible wireless hardware for the TAM. I looked around some years ago for my 5500 and finally found one single solution -


They used to have a PCI-card and a USB stick with drivers for OS9. It works with 80211b, fast enough for the TAM, rather slow for everything else you think about (AppleTV). Remember that the network will be just as fast as its slowest client.


I bought one of the last factory new sticks from the website, now they're all gone, as far as I can tell. I think it will be quite hard to find one on ebay or so. You have to configure your airport to 80211b and 128bit WEP encryption to make it work with all your Apple devices.


I don't know if there are compatible sticks that might work with the software from macwireless.


Hope this helped you a bit


Thanks for the good info Retrowurst!  I've decided to put doing much with my TAM on hold for right now.  I really don't have the extra money that I'd like, and I'm trying to see if I can start a photography business on the side.  I will bookmark, and save some PDF's of the website that you suggested.  When I get back to playing around with the TAM, I sure will need them!  I figured that getting it wireless would be a long shot, but it'll be an interesting project someday!!


Hope you've been having lots of fun with your TAM!  I have the buzz that some TAM's have, but I'm thinking it might be a bad Pram Battery.  I might try to get a new one this Summer, and hope it will clear up!


Thanks again!!  :-)  :-)




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