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Classilla 9.1 has been released. It has major updates to the layout engine and many other bug fixes.  

I've been using it since yesterday and many sites that were rendering incorrectly in 9.0.x (like arstechnica) now look great.  It seems to me that it has finally passed iCab in CSS/HTML rendering and is getting real close to Firefox!

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wow.......they have done really well on it
That's excellent news! I don't have an OS 9 native system, but I might test it out on an old StarMax I used to have but it now at my parents' house in storage. Wonder if it runs under Classic environment at all..
It runs in Classic under Tiger on my iBook G3 great. Modern sites like Twitter and even Facebook render correctly and are mostly usable. Very, very nice!

You can post Twitter and Facebook updates just fine, but making comments and other more JavaScript dependent operations are hit-or-miss.

Best of all, the developers say the next major release will include a completely re-written modern JavaScript engine, so that should fix the major remaining problem with this browser.

Its really great to see such steady progress being made on the project, esp. when for years all I heard was a modern web browser just wasn't possible or practical on the Classic OS.
This is great. I'll have to test it out on my iMac G5 in Classic environment.

Off topic, have you looked at possibly porting something like Gnash over to OS 9? Might be a solution for the lack of Flash on OS 9.
I agree, Cameron Kaiser has proven all those statements to be false. He has done a great job - and not asking a single penny for it. I've downloaded 9.1 right after he sent out the notification mail and I am totally satisfied with it. I have yet to encounter a page that won't be displayed properly, all the layout issues seem to be fixed. Really impressive. Actually I'm writing this answer under OS 9.2.2 and Classilla 9.1. Can't wait for the 9.2 Java Update.

One last note though - one thing that really causes trouble with OS 9 is flash. Last version for classic mac os is flash 7, which is really outdated by now. Playing YouTube movies is rather hard. I'd wish someone would develope a workaround for that. Ah, I think I should start a topic on this one in the Tech Support section :-)
I downloaded it as soon as it was released. I have been surfing with it for a couple of days. It seems very stable and many pages that rendered incorrectly now look great. I have only had a few problems with it. One thing I noticed, which Im not sure if its my machine or Classila, but using it on my Pismo running Mac OS 9.2.2 and I hit the down arrow to scroll down the page it takes me right to the bottom of page. Doesn't matter what site, I have to use the scroll bar or space bar to go down the page in sections. I will have to try it on another machine to see if its just my Pismo. Anyone else have this issue?

Otherwise I am really happy having an updated browser for Mac OS 9. No more iCab!
Nope, the down arrow just scrolls one line at a time for me. I took a quick look thought the Classilla prefs but didn't find a related setting




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