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I just got a new color classic - I checked the bottom it says 240v, I plugged in a power cable, switch on (tried both 0/1), tried the ADB keyboard and press the big triangle button, nothing happened (update - I actually hear a small chirp sound when I press the triangle button), but lights not on.

Is it dead?

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I had the same problem before. When pressed the powerbutton on keyboad, could hear very slight noise from the machine, like almost powering up. The solution? Either replace the battery if that does not help, keep it plugged on the power for several hours (even up to 24hours) and try again. If it doesn't help, you need to recap the motherboard or to get an another one. I did all these and had to get an new motherboard in the end, sadly.

So this is battery dead? Can't we just replaced the battery?

Naturally replace the battery first and try if that helps. If not, then try keeping it plugged on the electricity for over night. If still wont start, i'm afraid then options are : recap the motherboard, or, get an new motherboad alltogether.

Or 3rd option, use it as display. This is what I am facing now. :(




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