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Hi Folks,
I brought down 17 apple computers from my loft.

It's time to say good by to most of them.
So far I have put 2 G3's and a Quadra 610 on the wall.

I put a note on them saying they are not old they are retro.

Hopefully a Mac enthusiast will pick one or two of them up and take them home.

I did put the retromacast web address on one of them.

I did take a photo but can't see it.

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They show up fine when I click on the .jpg link.

Nice bear, he's not going too is he too?

I've down-sized to just a collection of powerbooks for the last few years

- until I found a free beige G3, then an 8600... it's hard to say no. :)

The bear is the keeper of Macs and he's not going. 

I have kept a beige G3 and a 8600 and a 9600 

Your right it is hard to say no. 

I also kept a Quadra 950 with 256 Mb of ram. 




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