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Hi everyone,

Sebastian has a problem. He recently acquired a used eMac with 1 Ghz and 768 MB RAM. What is even cooler, it's the "Northern Lights" model - the last eMac to boot natively into OS 9. Lots of good games & apps, yay!

The problem: The guy I got the eMac from did not have the original OS 9 discs anymore. Why is that so important? Because the eMac 1 Ghz needs a specific version of OS 9.2.2. Yes, I didn't believe it as well, but - sadly - it's true. It won't accept my resale OS 9 disc (which is version 9.04). It does not even read the disc.

I also tried to "transfer" the OS 9.2.2 folder of my iMac G4 to the eMac but that won't work. I'm desperate. So I went to a small local Apple dealer in hope of help. The only OS 9 version he had left was 9.2.2 - but for the iBook G4. However, he was so kind to give me the disc to try and see whether it will work or not. To my suprise, it installed OS 9, but obviously with iBook G4 drivers, which means that while I can boot natively into OS 9, it won't work properly. (display errors etc.)

I've been looking around the net now on where to buy the OS 9 version for eMac and the only one retailer here in Germany I could find on ebay wants incredible 30 Euros (roughly 50 Dollars) for one single disc. Since that is only slightly less then what I paid for the eMac, I'm not willing to invest that sum. My only hope relies on you guys now - does anyone of you have an idea on where to get it OR accidently has that CD at home? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with that problem and assume that more people will follow, as lots of eMacs get kicked out of schools and offices lately...

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Servus !
Die spezifischen Erweiterungen für das iBook sollten verschoben bzw. gelöscht werden.
Ein deutsches 9.2.1 (das 9.2.2 Update bringt sowieso nichts) vom iMac - warum sollte es auf dem e nicht funktionieren ? -
Der Superexperte bin ich auch nicht, Preuße obendrein; aber warum fährst Du den e nicht mit OSX ?
Dann holt er sich die benötigten Erweiterungen aus dem Web, um 'Classic' zu betreiben, ein 9.1 reicht dafür. QuickTime muß auch aktualisiert werden - aber normalerweise sagt Dir das System, was es haben will.
Auch an Freitag, dem dreizehnten :-)
You don't need the disc, just follow the following directions to get a
OS 9 system by free legal download direct from

Best Regards,

found it here
A database of all the Restore CDs/DVDs from past Macs would be a great resource for people who have old systems that they would like to restore to factory installs.




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