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James and John talk about the HyperDrive. eBay Finds are NIB Laser 128EX Apple 2 clone and an Apple Tablet. News includes a billion apps downloaded, Alice on iPhone, and the return of the Macintosh Garden.

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Hey guys!
Thank you for a very interesting episode about the hyperdrive today!
Looking forward to the Macintosh Garden interview next week as well!

Also, James, I hope your new iMac gets well soon!

Have a nice week!
// Claes in Sweden
Thanks for another great show. :)

According to the Computer Chronicles, Apple actually endorsed the HyperDrive in that it agreed to honour the warranty on Macs with dealer-installed HyperDrives. :o

Check this out:
[fast forward to 11m25s]

GCC made lots of other nice products, including the zero-footprint UltraDrive series, two very cool portable thermal printers (licensed from Kodak and Citizen), a color film "recorder" for producing slides, and a 50MB removable cartridge drive based on a Ricoh mechanism that was much more resistant to dust and dirt than SyQuest drives. Good software, good docs, shielded power supplies, external termination and SCSI ID selection... ahhh.
Great episode, guys. I was particularly interested in the discussion you both had regarding the Laser 128EX. As far as I can remember (I was a young lad at the time :-p), only Franklin was the one that Apple had gone after for outright copying Apple's ROMs and had won. I don't remember that ever being the case with the Laser, but I thought a bit of investigation was in order. According to Wikipedia, VTech had reverse-engineered the ROMs using a clean-room design. Apple tried to contest them in court, but it wasn't able to force the Laser off the market. Also the fact that VTech licensed Applesoft BASIC directly from Microsoft was what allowed them to do what they did with the Laser 128 and its successors.

Apple II History Museum and Applefritter also confirm this:

I have to admit, though, that I did love the charcoal colored case of the Franklin ACE 500. It looked much sexier to me than the Apple IIc that I had as a young lad in the 80s.




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