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James and John talk to Steve Capps in Part 2 of their interview. eBay Finds are a MicroMac case kit, Lisa 2, and ThunderScan. News includes Myst for iPhone, FastMac 25th anniversary t-shirts, clear case SE, and Steve Jobs typography art.

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I have never seen anything like that MicroMac case before. That is a good eBay find, but the price of $159.95 BIN is a bit high.
You guys deserve real kudos for the Steve Capps interview. He's such a neat guy, and has a great perspective on the pioneering days of the Mac and Newton.

He seems to be a talker. It was nice that you let him tell his stories, because they're all great.

Many thanks for this great piece of Mac history.
Thanks - glad you liked it. I'm sure we could have filled a dozen episodes with the stories he has.




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