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Derek Warren from Macintosh Folklore Radio joins James this week. James shares his Apple II lighter. eBay Finds are a Bell & Howell Apple 2, black Mac SE, and Lisa 2. News includes an Apple Store smash and grab, Inside Steve's Brain Expanded Edition, and Welcome to Macintosh on iTunes.

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Sorry Derek better luck NeXT time ;-)
I haven't listened to this episode yet, but I did see the pictures of the Apple II lighter. VEEEERY sweet. :-)
I bet that when Apple designed Magsafe connectors they didn't think that it would make their notebooks easier to steal!
ThugSafe™ :D

I really want to see someone carry that lighter around… it's like a Rubik's cube!
I think the Bell & Howell Apple II is very sleek. Would love to get my hands on it.

Also thumbs up for Macintosh Folklore Radio. When I play around with my retro Macs, there is always that podcat playing, alterning with RetroMacCast. With exception lately of iWoz audiobook, which is delicious.




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