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James and John discuss the Workgroup Server 9150. eBay Finds are Jag's Shareware CDs, Matt Groening Apple poster, and Crazy Ones poster. News includes recycled Macs turned into clocks, a new Woz interview, and 300 Baud.

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Hey guys, in reference to cataloguing your collections (and calculating original value) I recommend checking out MacTracker. Its a free app that contains a wealth of data on every Mac and has a built-in data-base tool for inventorying your collections (alas, it only supports adding Mac, so my Lisa and Apple IIs remain untrackable).

Great show as always.
the lisa XL is mentioned on Mactracker
Classic Macintosh > Macintosh XL

original price of the Lisa 2's
Right, but I have a Lisa 2/5, not a Lisa 2/10 (Macintosh XL).... It even runs the Lisa OS, not MacWorks, so I just feel bad tracking it as a Mac.

Awesome classic Jobs video, by the way.
Hi Matthew, the Macintosh XL was a Lisa 2/10 (with an integrated 10MB hard drive), and I think it had a slightly different logic board with a parallel port vs. a serial port(s), but otherwise, it could run the Lisa OS fine. MacWorks, which was a Lisa program, put it into Mac emulation mode. The change came later stopping them from booting the Lisa OS. First was a screen kit which gave the Lisa square pixels like the Mac (vs. rectangular) and then Sun Remarketing later added Mac Plus ROMs to allow the use of DD, 800k disk drives. My first "Mac" was a $1095 Lisa from them. It had 1MB RAM, the screen fix, 800k ROMs and an internal parallel 20MB hard drive, where it's cable came under the back case and plugged into the external port!

installing the SUN20 in a Lisa 2/10 no extra cables are needed

only fort the lisa 2/5, it's cable came under the back case and plugged into the external port!
I know the Mac XL was essentially Lisa 2/10 (that's why I put it in parathesis)... I was saying that the Lisa 2/5 was never sold as a Macintosh, that's the Lisa model I own, and therefore I don't like to track it as a Mac XL. I could be wrong, but I thought logic board/ ports on the Lisa 2/10 and Mac XL were identical, the only hardware difference was that the disk controller wasn't labeled "Lisa Lite Adapter". I thought the real hardware differences were between a Lisa 2/5 and a 2/10 when talking about the board and the ports-- the 2/5 having an external parallel connector as well as a different style mouse connector (2/10s using the same mouse as the Macintosh).

I have never heard of the screen kit before... it makes sense know that I think about it. That's awesome that your first Mac was one of the Sun Lisas. Are they marked differently from other Lisas? I always like to find Apple stuff rebranded by other companies ( like the Bell and Howell Apple II and the HP iPod).

Thanks for the info, I always like learning more tech data on early computers.
The part about the guy who built clocks out of old Apple parts was quite interesting. As someone who's made a handful of clocks I was thinking it actually wouldn't be too hard to do, and it wouldn't actually take too long to put together either.

You can get movements for clocks in places like Hobby Lobby or Michaels, along with the dials and clock faces. I haven't looked lately but they usually have pendulum movements there too. Places out on the internet like Klockit have a more extensive collection of clock related material for sale.

The biggest worry I would have would be putting a hole for the hand shaft into whatever was being used, such as an old notebook case or a motherboard and whether or not it would cause unintentional cracking. Also, I wonder if the uneven surface of a motherboard would cause problems or not for a movement. I'm leaning towards it not causing problems though.

At any rate, I think it'd certainly be an interesting thing to try doing some time.
Listening to this episode as we speak. Just added Hello to my plethora of podcast feeds on the iPhone, and I look forward to hearing it. Good to see more podcasts like this that highlight the new AND old of Apple's history.




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