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James and John discuss eBay Finds: Lisa I, Lisa circuit schematics, iMac table kit, and Apple shopping bags. The Retro Mac of the Week is the Centris/Quadra 660AV, and news includes 10 billion app downloads and a Macintosh Plus server.


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Hmmm....I have the CD that originally came with my 660av, I'll have to see if the movie is on it.

Oh man did I ever lust after the AV Macs.  I had forgotten how quirky they were. Check out the AV Macintosh General FAQ:

  • In most cases you can't have a GeoPort modem connection running while running Speakable Items.  There just isn't enough DSP power available unless you have a Power Mac, and even then you're limited to 1200-2400bps.
  • Special hard disks! Remember SCSI drives rated for AV use—ones that avoided thermal recalibration, preventing hiccups in your video capture?
  • ROM bugs galore. Three different versions of a special release of the SCSI Manager, two of them full of bugs.  New floppy drive code that choked on some 800k disks.  One of those situations where a smart programmer somewhere released patches for things that Apple hadn't gotten to ("sAVe the Disk" INIT anyone?)
  • Full-on 30fps 640x480 NTSC video required 18MB/sec to capture because you still couldn't compress that much data in realtime, but the built-in SCSI bus only ran at 5MBps.  At least 320x240 video was beautiful and silky-smooth. :)
  • There were a handful of AV Mac owners on a local BBS back in the day, and they were raving about "AV Turbo ROM" and the speedups it brought.  I thought this was a third-party hack, but no: Apple left some hooks that allowed you toggle a PRAM bit and control whether your AV Mac would copy the ROMs into RAM for speedier access to ROM code.

I'm thankful we've traded all that expensive weirdness for an entirely different set of annoying problems today. ;)

Lisa 1

This Lisa is perfect for use as a museum's static display  ( ? )

........All of the hard work has been done for you. 

 Just add 2 Twiggy floppy disk drives to complete the machine!


i think a Lisa 1 upgraded to a Lisa 2, now downgraded back to a Lisa 1

but finding just 2 Twiggy floppy disk drives ( and floppys with the system software)  ?  ?  ?   ?

Presenting the Macintosh Quadra/Centris 660AV/840AV Team

This video from the System 7.1 CD that came with the Centris/Quadra 660av (Tempest) and 840av (Cyclone). It shows the developers having fun and includes views of the motherboard.



My 7.1 CD that came with my Quadra 660av didn't have that movie. i'll look again though.

Mmmm, I just couldn't resist the Lisa microfiche schematics cards.  I'll try to get some better pictures taken and post them to the group.


Thanks for the heads up J&J !!




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