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James and John discuss eBay Finds: Macintosh TV, Lisa 2, and Apple award. They talk to Jay and his rare prototype Macintosh, and news includes an Apple IIGS e-book by Lim Thye Chean.

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More photos of Jay's prototype Macintosh

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Yes, the book is written in iBooks Author. In fact, it is intend to be a collection of codes written by me and Ding Wen when I taught him programming. More for historical reason rather than teaching. However, the response is good - it has reached #7 in iBookstore Education chart for free book! This means that I have to start writing more tutorials inside.

I have also designed 2 books for the sites that I really love - Apple II History and Shrine of Apple. But since these are my own personal book done without their permissions, I can't release them, but now I have 2 Apple II books that no one else have. :) 

I have updated the book to include more instructions and an updated design.

If you already have that book, please download it again. Thanks!

I was quite surprised to hear that the unit was sold so quickly after purchase.  I hope a little bit of the small fortune that was paid for the 128k proto is passed onto the original owner.

If only we were so lucky here in Australia to come across something so nice as this machine.




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