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James and John discuss eBay Finds: Think Different poster set, Apple Cooler-Radio, and Apple belt buckle.  James shares memories of his Apple Citibank Credit Card, and news includes Dan Kottke, Russian Apple Museum, Byte Cellar, Mac Team videos, and Apple vs Samsung.

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NY Times: New Citibank Credit Card Offers Rebates on Apples

Andy Hertzfeld Demos Frox

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This is SO cool!

I hope I have one. :(

It's back!

Apple Debuts Apple Card To Transform the Credit Card Experience

… alongside flaky hardware, (possibly) a non-mainstream desktop CPU, a buggy OS, weird ventures nobody cares about (then: OpenDoc; now: getting into the TV show production), high prices, and the general feeling that the Mac is doomed.

The '90s are well and truly back again. :-(

I don’t recall this card being available. What? I missed a credit card? 

Yes!  Long time no here Kathryn!




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