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James and John discuss eBay finds: Golden Apple Pin, Wicked Fast button, Portable banner, IIc LCD, Apple Wine, and Howard. News inclues Sculley and Jobs talks, Fremont factory, Steve Jobs remembered, Apple I, David Greelish, Andrey's museum, Pretender video, iOS 86, and 5 weird Macs.

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Howard looks to have been an Apple Basic Color Monitor. He probably killed himself because of his extremely fat, fuzzy dot pitch and low refresh rate.  What a horrible, bulbous display!  They weren't selling very well (gee) so Apple sold a lot of these at a discount to the education market [citation needed; forgot where I read this].  My high school had a lab full of them, all attached to LC 475s. :-)

Thanks for excellent episode as always guys! The freemont factory video was really interesting, thank's for the link.




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