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James and John discuss eBay finds: Apple flag, Apple 20SC hard drive, and Apple Macworld Expo turtleneck shirts. James reviews Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview.  News includes iPad mini, classic games for OS X, the ugliest Apple product, and a Field Guide to the Land Before Macs

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Really, "Flower Power" -iMac is ugly? Compare that to some dull-beige PPC's of 1990's specially any Performa's that were released... 

Flower Power is one of my favourite iMac. :)

I'm with you James, I think the Flower Power iMac is one of the most beautiful computers ever released.  I don't understand what all the hate is for this iMac.  It is simply stunning.

Maybe I'm weird but I also find the Molar mac attractive.

I have one and love it too. :)

When the "flower power" model was introducted, we sold those but not that many. I wanted one back them also but never got around buying one. These days those are getting rare. Not seen one sold for ages anywhere. Would be fun Mac for my daughter :)




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