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James and John take their show on the road to the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 1.0. eBay Finds are slides of an Apple I and Apple logo, NeXT Cube case, and Lisa 1. David Greelish helps review iSteve followed by a trivia contest.

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Good show guys!

I had not heard the origin of the podcast story before, very cool :)

Up till last year I also provided graphic support on an air base here in CA. Now I'm working prepress for a big paper.
Seems I missed the last technical revolution since the last time i did this... no more film or light tables.

Yeah, that was fun! A shame the audience seemed completely dead. 

I like the first seven minutes of audio. Gave you a real "you are there" kind of feeling. :)

I hadn't realized the Spock portrait in The Garage Slide was made of ASCII. <geek groan>

The audience was actually in to it, but I decided to use the cleaner audio instead while losing some of the ambience.  I'm glad you both liked it.  We had a lot of fun doing it live for the first time.

Here's a link to the ASCII Spock.

Nicer detail.

Not sure it's ASCII art, but defiantly printed on an early dot matrix printer.
It looks like the one I had made at a photo booth for a few dollars around 1980


That's great, I love it!




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