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James and John discuss eBay finds: Pete Marwick Mac bag, Mac 512k ED, and gift from Steve Jobs. Johns has begun work on his 1/3 scale Mac Plus, and news includes History of Mac, and Pebble.

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"Pete" Marwick - funny.  KPMG (Peat Marwick) had an interesting history with Macs.  I remember back in college in 1990ish we used a Mac program that would graph general relationships (Logical Data Structure, LDS, was its name).  We used it in an advanced database class.  Peat Marwick either commissioned it or wrote it... I remember their name on the 'about' screen.

See this episode of the Computer Chronicles - Games (8m45s) for more about Pete Marwick and a guy who just finished doing some Mac programming for them. :)

More Pete Marwick and Macs on the Chronicles, 3m24s.

Saw this in Singapore - but quite expensive though. Is this the one for collection?




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