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James and John discuss eBay finds: hat, Studio LCD, and lucite paperweight. John shares some favorite GUI hacks, and news includes PiXL, more Apple Watch docks, and building a mini Apple III.

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The GUI hacks tended to be horribly unstable (Kaleidoscope, anyone?) so I only allowed a couple of them on my system. My favourites:

  • Aaron. Copland look-and-feel in the era of System 7.5. Espy Sans looked so slick and futuristic in 1995. That it was a Newton artifact was a nice bonus. It looked so much more elegant than Charcoal. Chicago is a nostalgia-provoker now but it looked old and clunky for a while there.

  • Proteron/Action GoMac. A Win95 taskbar on MacOS? Heresy! But very useful. Action Files was an unbelievably good file requester enhancement, too.
  • Power Windows. On Power Macs, you could drag a full translucent copy of a window around instead of just the outline! (I actually had to Google the name; it's been so long since I even thought about this.)

In the not-so-graphical department I was hooked on Symbionts, a feature-rich, trouble-free extension manager that told you exactly how much memory each CDEV and INIT used. Tweakheads unite!

I always liked GoMac. That was the only add-on I used frequently. 




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