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James and John discuss eBay finds: Apple knife, Smack-A-Mac, and NeXT poster. They name their turkey Macs, and news includes a Lisa 1 auction, Steve Jobs figurine, and 6 failed Apple products that were awesome.

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Even Jean-Louis Gassée, responsible for overseeing the engineering for the Mac Portable, feels the Portable was a turkey. Years later while speaking about Be, Inc., he said:

"I offered to give a two hundred dollar trade-in for anybody who brought in a [Macintosh Portable] in exchange for a BeBox. I wanted to destroy all evidence."


I definitely agree about those original 603 machines. The entry-level Mac lineup was so disappointing in 1995 I  opted for a fast 68040 machine (an LC 630) over a hobbled Power Mac.

The 601 based machines didn't impress me. I had a 6100/60 AV. Boy, what a slow poke that was. 




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