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James and John discuss eBay finds: Designed by Apple book, Woz business card, and Power Express 9700. News includes Apple financial results and VCF Pacific Northwest.

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Great podcast.  There is one small item that the Apple Djinn did that you may have missed in your research.  The Apple Djinn also worked with Minitel, France's pre-Internet VideoTex based online service.  As is reported, Steve Jobs took inspiration from Minitel but the reports don't exactly tell you when. 

My collection has a couple of other Videotex goodies including a Canadian ALEXtel terminal (very similar to Minitel) for the ill-fated, rather expensive ALEX service in Canada as well as a Tandy AgVision terminal that was used by farmers to get agriculture related information.  Some of the online services got their roots from Videotex such as Prodigy

In Canada, an early VideoTex service was called Telidon. This was the first computer I had ever seen; wheeled into a classroom to show some of the technology including information on various things in Ontario, Canada.  I was transfixed. 

The Telidon Videotex protocol turned into the NAPLPS protocol that was used by services such as Prodigy.  I also have an AT&T Sceptre set top box that utilized NAPLPS.  

I long for the day to find a Telidon terminal on where it all started for me but the Apple Djinn turned out to be a little more than an item found in a box.

Anyway, you guys put out episodes in rapid fire (I check here) so I didn't get a chance to let you know about this.  Thought you might find this interesting.

P.S. I did reach out to "Madaboutmacs" on Flicker to see if she would consider imaging the disks.  If I get it to run, I'll post back.




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