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James and John discuss eBay finds: Apple blanket, Apple 1 replica, and Descent. James and John play some Descent, and news includes "What is a computer?", fast Apple II, and a computer battle.

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The iPad ad is a little stupid, and the reactions are funny, but in all fairness, my 2 year knows what an iPad is and how to use it, she doesn't know what a "computer" means. So there is a little something there, even if Apple is embellishing for the sake of a ad.

Hey guys, the photo of the Apple blanket inspired me to make a wallpaper. I'm not 100% happy with the default Photoshop texture, so I might make a version 2 later, but there's some zip files by aspect ratio, I have everything from Color Classic size up to to 5k iMac size. You might want to switch the older mac sizes to 256 color to shrink them down, but here they are:

Nicely done! I will be adding this to some of the macs in MacAttic.

You guys mentioned co-op in Descent and how cool it would be. I always thought the same of Quake. Fortunately someone made a mod out there for it, it's how I run my QuakeWorld server now. Wish more games had that option, or at least mods out there to do it. 




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