Where great old Macs live again!

James and John discuss eBay finds: Windows 3.1, IBM PCjr, and Zune. They pay tribute to Clippy, and news includes 80s rewind, and the Trenton Computer Festival.

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Yikes, that intro...that was out of left field, wasn't it? I get what you guys are saying about the lack of content at this point, but why wouldn't you just retire the RMC name and make something new with a different name? It would be highly misleading to keep calling it Retro Mac Cast. 

Note the date that James read out in the intro. Ignore what he said about me, too… I am not onboard with any of this. ;)

25 minutes is pretty good commitment to a gag! :-)

D'oh! Well, I was dealing with the kids during the would have worked better if the podcast wasn't published on the 6th. Either way, indeed some fine commitment. They definitely got me! Here my world was crashing down around me :p. This is worth double the donation. 

you guys really got me with the April fool podcast...never crossed my mind about the date it was recorded...even went so far as to unsubscribe to podcast, but by the time I got around to it the back to mac episode had been posted and realized I had been completely happy I didn't get around to unsubscribing sooner...keep up the fabulous podcast


Larry Hiller




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