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James and John discuss eBay finds: 1993 Developers CD-ROM set, beat-up //e, and an Apple computer lot. They look back at January 1989 in Macworld magazine, and news includes Bendgate, End of the Age of Apple, and Andy Cunningham interview.

Direct download of this episode: Episode 487

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Hello James & John, 

Sorry, this isn't really a comment on Episode 487... just to say I bounce around when it comes to listening to different podcasts and I've come back to Retromaccast after a while away and I wanted to say how incredibly handy it is having the episode guide on google docs. As such I've zipped back to Episode 6 because I wanted to hear more about the Bondi Blue. 

What is equally great is having every one of your podcasts available on iTunes. All too often (and I don't know why) but podcasts will only feature a limited number of episodes before you have to revert to the podcasts original website to play anything older. This is hugely annoying, so I'm glad you don't have this issue! Many thanks, Matt.




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