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Fixed the 1984 Mac and am now auctioning as a working computer

So I pulled the auction and decided to get my 1984 repaired. The repair was a success. If you hear of anyone in the Rocky Mountain region needing a Mac repair, there's this small indie owned repair place called Donald's Computer Outlet on Colfax street and this brilliant guy named Tarik (photo attached) who repairs Vintage Macs. I was only charged $50 and he got the system up and running again. Because the mouse doesn't work I could only load each system disk separately. It's working, tho. Am now re-auctioning as a working system!

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Hello. Susan !
Row, row, row your boat, merely, merely, merely over here, bring the Mac along...
Seems you have found a Mac specialist - nicest greetings to all of you !
Ha, awesome! You took his picture! I think that's great. And that is the coolest looking computer store ever. If I happened to see and SE and Classic adorning the front window of a computer store I'd be pulling the car around.
Yea Tank! Nice work and thanks for charging a reasonable rate!

Think he can put that jigsaw puzzle from ebay back in order?




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