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Hello retro Mac lovers,

I'm going to go look at a Power Macintosh G3 All-in-One (Molar Mac) next week. The current owner says he can’t get it to boot. He plugged it in, press the power, and it did nothing. He’s a tech recycler on the side, and said he doesn’t know anything about this machine, and didn’t want to open it due to the brittle plastics. It’s currently in ok condition from the outside, yellowed, but no visible cracks in the photos.

For anyone out there that has some AIO experience, is there anything you think I should try? Did these have known issues like this? Any pointers or things to look out for wit this model? Do you think it’s a brick and will require too much work? I haven’t used one of these since high school, and it was sparingly, but I’d love to have one, even though they weigh a ton.

I’m planning on bringing my ADB keyboard/mouse and a 9.1 install disk. I’ll bring my screw driver kit incase he give me the go ahead to open it too.

Thanks in advance!

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If memory serves me correctly, the AIO simply does not have a power button. There's a power switch but power control is all done via software and ADB. Standard disclaimer: I haven't actually touched one of these for 16 years but there were a few similarly afflicted Macs over the years.

Definitely bring your ADB keyboard (a known working one is preferable ;) and use the power button on that to start the machine. If the machine doesn't respond then maybe you have a dead PRAM battery, loose connectors, dying capacitors on the motherboard or PSU, ... 

Also, try the CUDA reset button on the motherboard.

Thanks Derek!

I am hoping it's just the lack of proper keyboard. I have 3 good ADB ones that I use often, so I'll be set there. I think I'm going to try to talk him into letting me open the back. Looking online, the AIO's look real easy to open.

I'll have to look up the board diagram for the CUDA button too.

Thanks again!




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