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Hi Guys,

I need the help of you experts: What I want to do, is getting my iBook G3 with OS 9.2.2 online. Unfortunately the only internet connection here in the student dormitory uses WPA encryption, which the iBook is not capable of. I have an iMac G4 with 10.4.11 as well, which uses a WLAN-Stick for wireless access.

My question is now - can I somehow make the iMac G4 my "receiver" and then pass the signals on to the iBook via ethernet connection? If it's possible, what would I need ? (settings)

Thank you in advance - any help appreciated :-)

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Hi Sebastian,


I don't know your G4-Imac model, so I can't tell about Auto MDIX. Refering all G4 Imacs with at least 1Ghz should support them. The bennefit would be you being able to use any ethernetcable fo connection. If you have an older one, you need a so called crossover cable as long as you connect the 2 Macs directly together.

Hello Marc,

thanks a lot for your help. My iMac is a 800 Mhz 15" G4 and thus requires a crossover cable, as I can see from the apple website. I'll check ebay for offers, any idea for how much these are sold here in Germany?

And what setting is required under OS 9.2.2? Just switching to "ethernet" in the TCP/IP control panel and it should work or will I need to do something else? (sorry, just don't have any experience regarding this matter)




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