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 My life has been better because of Steve Jobs, in so many ways, that I am not surprised that his loss has prompted much reflection. I am reflecting back on my life and counting the ways his creative products helped me learn, grow and live. I am watching in awe how the world is reacting. 


This is a moment I knew would come eventually, but I did not see -- or did want to see -- how much this would move myself, and the world. 


In much the same way as when we realized "of course!" when he presented the next "big thing" in the form of a shiny new life changing mix of design, engineering and science, I realize now only after he has passed how insanely large his influence has been in historical terms.


I suspect it is difficult or impossible for any person to be able to step back and see themselves and their accomplishments and accurately understand how large an impact they really have made. But if there is anyone who could do that, It would be Steve Jobs. 


Jobs was a visionary. I'd been reading about him a lot lately, even picked up a copy of Newsweek with an article on him a few weeks ago. It mentioned an early presentation of the iPod by the designers. Jobs was quoted as saying, "Get rid of the buttons," so they invented the click wheel. So, he wasn't necessarily the one to design the thing, he was the one that challenged the status quo and made them go back to the drawing board and start over at the beginning. As I said- a visionary. This sort of talent is rare. How many products do we see each year that's just a copy of the last one with a little different paint and a different label? It was Jobs vision that makes Apple products go that extra mile and made iPod and iTunes able to remold the way music is purchased and listened to. Who will do that now? Who will push Apple that far? Steve, may you rest in peace. You've given us more than we could have asked for.




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