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Today I picked up a spare ADB keyboard from a thrift store. When driving home I noticed my car smelt funny. Got home and took apart the keyboard and saw that it was full of dead cockroaches....

That keyboard was swiftly taken apart and the plastics put in the dishwasher. I rinsed off the electronics and am gonna let them air dry for a few days.

Now I am off to the the shower to scrub the smell of dead cockroaches off.

Anybody ever find anything nasty in a retro find?

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That is a tough one to beat, but I suppose I could imagine worse. Human hair of unknown origin is about as nasty as I've seen gumming up a keyboard.
Sadly the rubber cups fell off the membrane as I was rinsing the debris off.
I hope it was cheap enough. That is pretty gross.
Some roaches eat rubber, and plastic. they have been known to eat the insulation out of TVs............
It was $5.00 chump change..
It's the $10 in cleaning supplies that you have to laugh about!
That just sounds as scary as the roaches.
i sure when i am ten years older the miracle of life will be much nicer
There are some aspects of the "miracle of life" that are only interesting to the people directly involved.

If ANYONE wants to show you pictures of the birth, you should learn the "miracle of tequila" before the films start.

Now if it's the conception...
"Not to be mean," but could you guys be more insensitive? Heck, I'm sure some of you might be up to the challenge.

Seriously, until you've pushed out a human being from your netherregions, I don't think you guys are qualified to comment on the subject.

Please, grow up. :-/
Yes Dad.
Note: If it is your child and/or your wife it *is* priceless and special - to you.




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