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A little overpriced ?

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I just asked for the shipping costs to Germany - let's sit and wait !
Bummer. It's been closed. So how much was it?
Buy It Now price: AU $9,000.00! For an iMac G3 - 350 MHz!?
... and it read:
"keyboard + mouse included
O S X 10.3.9
Processor 3.5 mhz
Power pc G4
128 mb ram (slots available)"
It's hard to find any way to explain that as a typo.
Well well. It sure has something else in it that makes it so valuable!! Maybe it was owned by Jobs, or is it because of the rare 3.5 MHz G3 processor? :D
G4 processor in an iMac (CRT). Very rare.
In 1990 a Texas Instruments TI-81 had a 2 MHz Zilog Z81 and 2.4 KB of RAM (I don't know if there were slots available).
Those were the days - when silicon was sawed and polished by hand.
i bought it i need a imac g4 anyway ohh wait




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