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Hey RetroMacCasters,

I have a problem with my good old companion, an iMac 400 Mhz DV/SE. It still had the original 10 GB harddisk inside which has become conspicuously loud lately. So I finally decided to exchange it with a 40 GB Western Digital HDD, which was used for a Windows XP computer before. The operation itself went well, the hard disk was replaced with no problem and is comfortably quiet now.

However, when trying to fire the iMac back up again and inserting the original OS 9 installation disk for formatting the drive/installation it would start to read the disc - but eventually freeze up. It also freezes when using the hardware diagnosis CD I got with the iMac. Whatever I do, it keeps freezing up after a couple of minutes. Interestingly, the time periods between start-up and freeze vary each time.

So my first suggestion was that maybe the RAM became bad for whatever reason, so I tried to start up with only one of the 256 MB Rams and even tried an older 64 MB RAM - but with no success. The results were the same.

I'm lost now. To be honest, I'm a bit afraid it could be the logicboard. :-(

Anyone else has any suggestions? I'm grateful for any advices ..

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oh well, just that it seems things are not getting any better with my new 40 GB hdd. There is definately something wrong here. With the new HDD I can only boot up to the "Mac OS 9 - Welcome" screen for installation when it will freeze completly. I suppose that's it for my plans of a Retro Gaming Mac :(
Was hältst Du von externen Wechselfestplattensystemen ?

How about external hard disks, or an MO ?
Well, it seems I got away this time - the iMac works now. Seriously. I don't have a single clue why he would freeze two times when trying to install os 9 unto the empty harddisk.But the third time he would all of a sudden finally go through the whole installation procedure. Needless to say that I was really baffled :-))) but no external hard disk needed Lars, luckily :-)

End of the story: OS 9.2.2 is now running smoothly and I started to set it up according to my needs.

Just one last question:
The iMac G3 sound is loud. And I mean really loud, even with the volume put to the lowest. Is there any way to adjust volume in Mac OS 9 other than in the control panel?
External speakers !
The built-in Harman/Kardon are really good.
But there always is an other way.
I know Lars, external speakers or headphones would be a solution, but it's so uncomfortable and I also have few space left on my desk. I wonder if there really is no way to set down the general volume ? There must be a way. The way it is now, my neighbours will go crazy whenever I'll play Nanosaur with sound again :-D

Any advice ?
PRAM reset ?
Firmware Update 4.1.9 ?
A pair of resistors in the right lines !

Hochbelastbare Widerstände (die sind nicht teuer, regelbare ja), die Tonleitungen verlängern und die R's dazwischensetzen. Aber Du hast recht, es muß eine Softwarelösung geben.
Schon mal an eine Neuinstallation des Systems bzw. des Kontrollfelds gedacht ?
Yes, but I just installed the system / the control panel. And I remember that I had this problem before with the iMac (I just used Headphones back then, but that's not an option for me anymore). What I find strange is that this problem does not seem to be commonly known. I'd expect that more people have trouble with their iMac G3 sound being too loud, but I seem to be kinda unique?
Mine have problems of a really different kind, the two 350MHz are in need of other analog boards, but the 266 is - although the oldest - running fine. I have bought those boards and they are here; I only have to mount them.
For about € 35 you'll get a working iMac G3, before you go crazy.




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