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I've been looking at buying an Imac g4. I've always wanted one. It's just such a funky looking Mac.

As I've been looking for one on Ebay, I was remembering a concert I saw a couple of years ago. It was a retro 80's concert with ABC, A Flock of Seagulls (remember their funky hair? well, the lead singer is bald now.LOL), a couple of other bands and the Human League. Central to the Human League's show was the very cool iMac G4. They were running all their video off it (and I imagine some of their sound too) and it was there on the stage with them as though it was some honorary band member. It was a great show. But iMac did not take a bow with them at the end.


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That sounds like it had to be a fun time, 80s music was fun. I think a Flower Power iMac would be an awesome find. 

I'm a big fan of the iMac G4.

Got them all : 15", 17" and 20".

If you can get your hand on the 20", it's just the most beautiful Mac ever created. Runs very well too; even by today's standards.

Don't get anything below 1GHz or even 1.2GHz. The 800MHz model is just too weak.


Look around in Craigslist. There are always some iMac G4 lurking around.

I bought a 15 inch 800 Mhz unit and it's perfect for my purposes. It only cost $75 including shipping, came with all the install disks, paperwork and speakers. I'm using it primarily as a decorative iTunes stereo. It is a beautiful machine. No streaming video with it, though. LOL At this point I'm running iTunes 4 on OS 10.2.8. I may or may not upgrade that, because it's serving my purpose as is.
Of course, if it's for monotasking iTunes, even my Twentieth Anniversary Mac will do... (250MHz boosted to 400MHz).
Are you talking about the Lump-Stick-Rectangle iMac? So awesome looking. And elusive, around here anyway. Hard to find over 800 MHz, but so on-my-list to get.
Lump-Stick-Rectanglen LOL Yes, that's the one. 15" and 17" models are pretty plentiful on Ebay. You can get some good deals. Mine was about 1/2 of what the usually sell for with the specs mine had.
I will have to keep up the search for a good deal on a LSR-Flower Pot-Lamp Shade. This is definetly one I want in my collection. I already have the little round speakers to go with it, so I'm part way there.
We call it the "sunflower"
That is appropriate. Do you have a desktop photo of a sunflower? Would look pretty cute.

No I don't, but that's a great idea.

However, you might like my wife's iMac G4

Your right, I do. tell her I love her sense of space, and design. Very nice computer, and beautiful computer space.




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