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Hey folks, I have the "Inside Macintosh" developer documentation, volumes 1-6 with the X-ref and Multifinder too. Is it worth the hassle of putting it on eBay, or should I just fill my recycling bin to the brim do you think? Harrow, UK if anyone is interested in taking it off of my hands.

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Somebody would surely take those off your hands!
Hi Andy, I might be interested in them. How muck do want for them, are you willing to post them?
Just to be sure, you're not thinking of paying in 'muck' are you? I'll weigh them and get back to you. They're heavy and I only have small scales so it may take me a while.

LOL, a combination of just waking up and typing on a iPhone with big thumbs, I think.


From the sound of things, these are heavy and will be expensive to post. I only live about an hour away, so I could collect them from you. Could you PM me some details about them and maybe a picture? No Rush.

All picked up and gone, many thanks Damian!




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