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Hey Guys, I was wondering what you think about the iPad Mini, do you think it was a smart choice? Do you think it will survive? I would like to know!

I personally think that this was not the smartest decision, it will probably interfere with iPad, iPod, and Mac sales. Tell everyone what you think.

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I feel they had to do it since the little Android tablets are nibbling away at Apple's tablet marketshare.  Sure, it will take away some sales of iPad, but overall it will only increase their marketshare.  It would have been nice to get the entry one in below $300 from a psychological standpoint, but those finely crafted devices don't come cheap.  If only I could justify the purchase of one!

I was unsure when the rumours were flying around, but now that it is out, I think they've got it right. I'll keep using my original iPad, but will probably get the mini for my wife for Christmas.

I have been playing with it for a while and love it. Weird that I don't see the pixels like I see in iPad 2 - but when text becomes small, it becomes blur. Text and graphics looks amazing when they are not small.

I believe the price is purposely priced ABOVE $300 for a reason - to make them seen like a premium product which belongs to another category, and does not compete with the low end cheap Android tablets ($199-299 segment). And it does look and feel like a premium product.

I was waiting the price point being under 300€ - a disapointment there. I thought i could buy one for my daugher as christmas present..

I've been using mini for a day now, and I must say I'm impressed.  I'll talk more about my experience on the podcast tomorrow.




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