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Is it me or are there way too many models/colors missing here to call it the most complete collection ever posted on eBay?

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Beatles iPod?! Jimmy Hendrix iPod?!

I don't think they made those

besides that it would be really cool to have all that sealed iPod Goodness :D
Are you saying you've seen a more complete collection posted on eBay before? I admit I'm not interested in a comprehensive iPod collection, so I haven't ever looked.
all batteries death
ouch your probably right

Insanely high price—check!

False information and/or claims that are marginally legal but underhanded—check! There was never an officially-released Beatles and Hendrix iPod, but perhaps someone made a nice fake retail package and had an iPod laser-engraved with artist names via the Apple Store.

Photos of incredible items (Hendrix + Beatles iPod) not present—check!

Regardless of whether the collection is complete, this auction has all the hallmarks of a shady seller. :\ 'tis the season, I guess.

above is a link to the pics of the ipods
Ah, on the record label: "Packaging and guitar pick by Psycho Bunny". Hmmm.
and if it really was an apple Beatles iPod then they wouldn't include the CD's.

tried to contact the seller but he is not taking questions




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